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A truly thoughtful and useful gift to share

"I recently found myself in a rather unfortunate place - depending on how you look at it. My dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, and though my place in that scenario pales in comparison to what she would go through, it is a sad place to be on the outside of someone who is hurting, struggling, someone you care about. I wanted to be supportive, and more importantly, I wanted to help her feel better. Being in my unfortunate place put me in a position of being part of someone’s support system, and that’s a good thing. I turned to another friend who has battled and survived breast cancer - the creator of Necessity Bag, herself - and asked for her advice. What can I do beyond flowers and well wishes to make my friend more comfortable? The contents of Necessity Bag were beyond anything that I could think of on my own, as they would only occur to someone who has been in need themself. A variety of comforts and distractions, my friend was so thankful to have these items to turn to. If you ever find yourself in my place, I highly recommend Necessity Bag as a truly thoughtful and useful gift to share."

T Cornell


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