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Necessity Bag's Story

Diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer at the beginning of 2015, I spent 16 weeks in chemotherapy before my bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries.
In preparation for my chemotherapy, I was given a list of essential items to get myself, from a dear friend who had been there herself.


I decided to pack all of my necessary items into my favorite Bogg Bag. (I have four) 
What's a Bogg Bag? After years of searching and not finding, my good friend,
Kim Vaccarella decided to create a perfect beach bag. Bogg Bags are lightweight, colorful, water resistant, sturdy and have room for everything.  
Perfect for the beach... or in my case, the hospital.

 I came to rely on my bag of necessities during chemo treatments as my way of feeling in control of an ugly situation.  Knowing everything I might need was within reach helped make it less overwhelming.  I never even unpacked the bag. 
On days of treatment, I simply grabbed my Bogg and 
headed out the door.  


Cancer Free since the end of 2015, I now hope to give other people going through chemotherapy the sense of comfort, my bag gave me.

The Perfect Gift

Whether it is for yourself and treatment preparation or for a loved one while you sit and feel helpless, a Necessity Bag is a beautiful gift. Bringing a sense of comfort and love during treatment. And, when it is over, the Bogg bag can be filled with good memories, for years to come.





Awareness, Love, Support .  It's in the Bag.



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