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Worth Its Weight In Gold

When I heard from our friend that she needs chemo it was not only distressing but left me at a loss of what I could do to help. I and some friends were able to take immediate action, in what turned out to be in the most meaningful way, by purchasing a Necessity Bag.

When I received the tote, which was in a cheerful color, it was stocked and overflowing with a variety of items. With tote in hand, I was happily looking forward to giving our friend her gift but her reaction truly overwhelmed me. Her face lit up as she proceeded taking out each item sharing "this is exactly what I need, I can not find the words to thank you enough". She also said that when chemo is over she could use the tote as a beach bag.

That was the best- she saw light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you Amanda for helping my friend to BE Well and for supporting those of us who want to give a useful gift. VG - NJ

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