Awareness, Love, Support.               It's in the Bag.

Chemotherapy Bags


While every patient’s journey is unique, many have common experiences during chemotherapy treatments.   As cancer survivors ourselves we know what helped us make the unknown more bearable.


Necessity Bags can help.

Full of items that made surgery, recovery, chemotherapy, pain, illness and loss a little easier for us, your thoughtfully packed Necessity Bag is ready to grab and go!


What's In The Bag?

Every Necessity Bag is loaded with an array of very useful,

non medical items.


Cozy Blanket


Water Bottle 


Cotton Beanie/Head Wrap

Soothing Essential Oils

Body Cooling & Cleansing Wipes

 Ginger/Honey Throat Lozenges 

Hard Candies

 Lip Balm


Ice Packs/Hot Packs

All packed up in a brightly colored        




green 2.jpg